Where: Vaksalagatan/Kungsgatan, see map


The corridor from Vaksala Square to the Carolina Rediviva Library is Uppsala’s major boulevard. In preparation for the coronation of Queen Christina, the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) decided in 1642, to institute a new and more modern city plan that featured straight streets and a stricter grid pattern. Several years later, the queen complained that the work was going too slowly, and for various reasons, the coronation took place in Stockholm, instead. By the end of the 1660’s, however, the new city plan had been realized. Today, the major boulevard is the main site for celebrations, markets and other events, and links together the western and eastern parts of Uppsala.

During the Uppsala Light Festival, the Wallenstam facade will be illuminated, adding colour to a small part of Uppsala’s main boulevard.

Lighting: Scenteknik