The Skytte Family Demons

Ljus nummer


Where: Skytteanska trädgården. Cobblestone by the entrance can make it difficult to pass for wheelchair or stroller., see map


Welcome to Uppsala’s best-kept, magical secret: The gardens of Johan Skytte’s home – Skytteanska trädgården. At first glimpse, the gardens are idyllic with apple trees, flowers and the house’s two cats. But if you are not careful, the garden’s demons will sneak up behind you, enter your body and take over your soul!
Johan Skytte, a prominent and powerful professor of political science and an eloquent speaker lived here four centuries ago, together with his children, Vendela, Anna, Bengt, Johan Junior and his beautiful wife, Maria. The family is rumoured never to have left their home, and remain to haunt all its visitors, in particular those who show no respect for democracy and generosity to others – you’ve been warned! Pay a visit to these beautiful gardens and put your beliefs and philosophies to the test. Regrettably, we cannot accept responsibility for what may happen to you during your visit. We can, however, mention what occurred to Ingmar Bergman when he visited in 1928. The experience left its mark on him for the rest of his life.

Kind regards, artists Michel Östlund and his demoniac colleague Anders Örnberg (Haunted with light and art outside Dramaten theatre, for the Pope and the Japanese Emperor)


Artist: Michel Östlund & Anders Örnberg

Textile designer: Anna Söderström


About the three artists behind the light show

Michel Östlund, a resident of Uppsala, is an active conceptual artist and designer of international note. He works in a variety of fields – art, film, audio, sound art, light and poetry.

Michel Östlund’s art, which deals with issues of human dignity, examines life, death, time and silence, and has been presented all over the world for many years, in locations such as New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Stockholm, Rome, London and Trondheim. His art can be found in the collections of the Pope and the Emperor of Japan, as well as in other private collections. Michel has collaborated with Ingmar Bergman on silent films and lighting.


Anders Örnberg, a resident of Stockholm, is an artist, lighting designer and architect. He mostly works with developing and refining environments in which he creates experiences through architectural and monumental forms, as well as sculpture and painting. He has received commissions for projects ranging from amusement parks and swimming pools to royal palaces. His most well-known lighting project is the spectacular illumination of the Hötorget Buildings in the centre of Stockholm.


Anna Söderström, a resident of Uppsala, is a textile and jewellery designer. Her products, patterns and jewellery can be found both all over Sweden and internationally.