The Magical Tern

Ljus nummer


Where: Walmstedska gården, see map


With the group of artists whom I chose to work with on this project, we are – at the time of writing – in the process of merging the different branches of the piece into one unique whole for the Walmstedt House. The form and concept have emerged as an organic process, with the main roles awarded to coincidence and playfulness – perhaps somewhat unusual in modern society.

“My name is Finn Öhlund and I am in charge of the planning and the ‘framework’ for the work. I have also invited two other artist friends to take part in the project. I often prefer collective processes to individual work in ‘my’ art.

The old Walmstedt House we are working on is a preserved historical building, similar to that with which Ingmar Bergman was familiar and which he may also have visited as a young boy.

Our installation has been named * The Magical Tern * and can be associated to the olden day Lanterna Magica with its lights and use of electricity.

I neither can nor want to provide a detailed description of our works of art here, as I am afraid this would arouse disproportionate hopes or lead to excessive expectations. I do hope, however, that it will awaken, at least in some, a similar wonder and astonishment as it may have done at the same place in 1918, the year when Ingmar was born here in Uppsala.

There are, nonetheless, a couple of issues (somewhat obscure) about the work and its concept I would like to mention at this stage:

– The lights are powered by the force of the sun and the earth and words.

– The light, images and sound are filtered through their creators’ deliberate thoughts and fantasies.

And finally:

We humans are also – just as the lights in the installation – a source (or energy transformer) and have the capacity to spread a light – or dark – around us. Just as we are able to think and apply the capacity of our brains in major or minor, we project an outward energy that is felt and has the power to influence everyone we meet. As such, we are all instrumental in shaping our world.

It is our hope that the lights and sound that take seed within you via our orchestration in this work will resonate inside you. (I am quietly confident that they will – as our work has inbuilt  resonance). – So that more people can perceive the beautiful, whispering, cosmic music inside themselves and around us and sing along!”


Lights, sound and concept: Finn Öhlund

Projection: Elin Nilsson

Music: Matti Kallioinen


About Finn

Finn Öhlund is a new star in the world of Swedish art. He is mostly self-taught, and grew up outside of Uppsala among hippies and artists. After many years of nomadic life, he is now back home contributing to this year’s Light Festival with his innovative and multifaceted art.

He received the 2018 Cultural Grant from Enköping Municipality for his commitment to graffiti culture, as well as for his work as the organizer of the Big Garden Party in Djurby music and art festival, which has been held for many years out on the Uppland Plains.

As a light and video artist, he has worked to fine-tune the lighting of the theatre and music events, such as those held in the old R1 reactor hall in Stockholm, as well as being active in other underground contexts at dance clubs and in the techno scene.