Ljus nummer


Where: Stadsträdgården, see map


Looking for the landscapes of the future, one shouldn’t always be looking at the technologies and simulations that have more and more control over our lives. The installation explores the cityscape by adding a painter’s narration to the elements already present within it. Spectral has been weaved from hundreds of colourful lines that reorganize the place of exhibit. Once the darkness gathers, the installation pulsating with refracted UV light digitalizes the area. This is a light-visual happening, a proposal of new architecture, which despite its material closeness to the surroundings remains so elusive.

The installation is 60-100 meters long and 3 meters high. Top parts on level up to 5-8 meters.


Artist: Malejka & Slugocki / KAJSO Studio


About KAJSO Studio

KASJO Studio is the effect of collaboration between two young, Polish artists. In addition to their collaborative work, Katarzyna Malejka works with new media while Joachim Slugocki works as a painter. What connected them was the fascination for the medium of light, which they so amazingly utilize in their works. Kasjo studio speaks the language of abstraction. Looking for the landscapes of the future, the artists don’t use the omnipresent technologies or simulations . Their modular, site-specific installations explore the cityscape by adding a painter’s narration to its elements. Immersive and light interventions are a proposal of new architecture, which despite its closeness to material world remains so elusive.
Joachim Sługocki (b. 1984) – a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Torun. He mainly deals with widely understood painting and this medium is the most important within his work. Joachim is also interested in site-spe- cific installations and video-recording. An essential part of his works is to seek contemplative elements and visual-spatial references.
Katarzyna Malejka (b. 1985) – graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Nicolaus Copernicus Uni- versity, Toruń. Defended her diploma in professor Marian Stępak’s workroom. Currently working on a doctoral project entitled “Light as a Territory and Medium of Migration”. Malejka takes advantage of new media while seeking her own, intimate forms of artistic state- ment. She is interested in the issues of the leaky nature of the world and its unstable perception. The area of realisations stretches from minimalist interferences into architecture to large format site-spe- cific installations. Since 2013, she has been a co-creator of the Grupa nad Wisłą [Group over the Vistula River], in which a team of artists, curators and rese- archers works on new forms of edu- cation and transmission of knowledge about art. She works in the graphic collective NooNoo, which creates utilitarian products for the culture