Space Cube

Ljus nummer


Where: Vretgränd, see map


All of a sudden, it was just there. It looked like it had just parked there, between two buildings. Why it was there and the reason behind its choice of location were completely unknown. Perhaps the location was strategic? It did not take long before numerous rumours and theories were flying around about its purpose. Perhaps it was a portal to an unknown place far away? The more learned discussed string theory. Others were convinced that it was linked to a series of mystical events that had recently occurred in Fortnite. According to one of the more spectacular claims was that it was clearly a massive, compact manifest of Ingmar Bergman’s anxiety, now reborn and packaged as a cube. On immediate reflection, this theory seems far-fetched, but at the same time not completely inconceivable.

No matter what it was, it released an energy that made a clear impression on the site and the surrounding parts of the city. This was expressed in motion, colours, reflections and possibly a muted rumble that at times was reminiscent of a heavy heartbeat. Some people perceived it as a fascinatingly playful game and others as a psychedelic menace.

During the daytime, it was as if it assumed an energy, most noticeable around 14.30 on days when the sun’s rays met the cube in its special position. Those who dared approach it were able to visualise an infinite interior. Whether this was good or bad, nobody knew. The city was divided by questions, but the cube continued to exist – vague yet manifest …


Artist: Svante Pettersson, Bjerking

Creative support: Lina Denne, Kreativ Teknik

Creative support: Hakan Alkacir

Creative support: Urban Nordström, Bjerking

Sound design: Daniel Algulin, Bjerking

Technology, rigging and programming: Marcus Persson, Kreativ Teknik

Construction: Josefin Palmqvist, KP Svets & Smide AB

Production: Stefan Edin, Mindustry


About Svante

Light evangelist, Svante Pettersson, who works at Bjerking Ljusdesign, is one of the most prominent light enthusiasts in the Nordic countries. He works with a full range of projects, from large-scale outdoor installations to light art and innovative lighting solutions for homes.

Svante is frequently represented in the media and holds lectures at architectural, art and design schools. His highly popular book, SEE THE LIGHT, was published in 2015 and is now sold worldwide.