Ljus nummer


Where: Trädgårdsgatan 12, see map


Starting up with a strong and central idea that could relate the installation with Ingmar Bergman was the most important part of the design and we chose “Rhythm” as our central idea of the installation because it gives meaning to the whole installation. It is the simpler version of one of the most famouse quotes that he used: “Film is mainly rhythm; it is inhalation and exhalation in continuous sequence”. However, it is important to mention that there is rhythm everywere. Rhythm is not only related to music, it is something also visual. Rhythm, in its most simplier way, is a regular and repeated pattern.
Our lightinginstallation exalts in different ways the elements of the building that transmit a repetition. Play with the main idea in different ways was important for us because it made the visual relationship between the famous director way to think and the lighting installation itself. It could make the audiences able to feel and sense his way to think about his job and so understand the lighting object in a deeper way. The installation is divided in two parts: a basic ilumination and a interactive ilumination. The basic ilumination will use “white light” and with it we want to exalt the majestuosity of the builging. The interactive part will use “color light” that will appear and dessapear following a regular patern and in it is where we show most our main idea.
This lighitng installation required detailed planning to ensure the aesthetics of the building was not altered but merely enhanced. It was simulated in Dialux (the world’s leading software for planning, calculation and visualisation of indoor and outdoor lighting) and controled by Pharos Control Systems (an award-winning UK manufacturer). So the installation was computer programmed to show specific scenes depending of the information sent by sensors and real time clocks. To provide a balance between performance and aesthetics, we used in this project a combination of RGB LED architectural fixtures (9W), 3000 K LED wallwasher fixtures (24W) and 3000K compact LED floodlight fixtures (18W and 22W).
Expressing art through light can be hard, however it’s worth to do it because it could increase the enthusiasm of people. This was exactly our major challenge. With our installation, we hope people can enjoy and understand our lighting concept.


Artist: Nilsa Sarmiento & Torget Arkitekter

In cooperation with:

ERCO Lighting AB

Fergin Sverige AB

Stockholm Lighting Company AB


About Nilsa

She comes from Panama and is a passionate Architect specialised in Lighting Design! She is a creative person who is never afraid to take new challenges. She pays attention to detail and have a personal vision that values teamwork.

She has built her career in a variety of roles and industries, mostly in small companies. She has worked as an architect, interior designer and lighting designer in a several different projects.

In Sweden, she has participated in different lighting workshops like: “Kulturnatten i Nynäshamn” (2013), “Light in Alingsas” (2015) and “Skorped Lyser” (2015). She also worked as a lighting designer for the lighting festival “Allt Ljus på Uppsala” (2016) where she designed “Nystart”, a lighting object in Linné trädgården and with it, won the best lighting object of the festival. Now she works in Torget Arkitekter.


About Torget Arkitekter

Torget Arkitekter operates in wide range projects, from urban planning to interior design, including housing, industrial and commercial projects. We develop visions in a close and inspiring dialogue with our clients and partners. An important driving force is finding new and often unexpected solutions that create added value in several dimensions.

We also works with lighting design projects. Some of our lighting design projects: ”Follow” the lighting design of the arcade located in Drottningattan 7 (Uppsala) and also daylight calculations for different residential projects.

This year we will work for Allt Ljus for Uppsala. Our lighting installation is called “Rhythm” and in a few words, it is an abstract “old film stripe” where we exalt the majestuosity of the building while showing repetitive elements and following regular paterns.

We are really happy with our lighting installation and hope you will enjoy it.