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Where: Västra Ågatan 16, Innergården Kaniken, see map


Pod4 is a preliminary experiment for the most complex migration of humans to date, the migration to Mars.

Earth is soon a mere memory and our existence depends on evacuating to other plants and adapting to a life governed by completely different rules than before. Among the first problems to be addressed when it comes to permanent migration are food and energy. In other words, we have to cultivate in order to develop a closed ecosystem, which in turn will allow us to generate energy for all our needs. As it has now been proven that the majority of plants produce high levels of Hecta photons, we can use the nano extraction method known as IRHPE (Infra Red Hecta Photon Extraction) to store the vast volumes of energy produced by e.g. bamboo as it grows. Put simply, this is an infra-red light with a concentrated light enclosure that captures and presses the energy into the storage unit.

Pod4 is a prototype developed to test how the closed growth system together with the IRHPE generator may become our future source of food and energy for our first migration to, for example, Mars.

From 1 to 18 November in Uppsala, the Pod4 and IRHPE generator will be open to the public for viewing, with its protective outer skeleton removed and its interior exposed.


Welcome to the future,

-Timothy Wilson


Artist: Timothy Wilson


About Timothy

Not yet an absolute figure in the context we usually call “the (art) scene”, Timothy Wilson operates in the borderlands between light design, sculpture and performance. This brings him a measure of independence as well as determination. Shown previously at Söderdepån 2041 in Södermalm (a run down old central garage and workshop for the city’s public transportation buses, an extensive building taking up a whole block, now beautifully decayed), industrial size laser installations provided us with the visions and aesthetics of Wilson: they are dark and dystopian, with the futuristic connotations that his medium suggests.

A feeling of dextrous precision while mastering these directions of light provides a striking effect. Even more so when presented sculpturally. It is also a requirement when he creates landscapes and futuristic patterns.

Timothy Wilson (b. 1988 in Stockholm) is the guardian of the night and at the same time the champion of light. With solo exhibitions at Village Underground in London, Söderdepån 2041, Gallery Belenius and many more Timothy is now ready show the world what contemporary art should be about.