Ingmar Bergman – Illuminated conversations

Ljus nummer


Where: Upplandsmuseet. Best seen from Gamla Torget/Östra Ågatan, see map


Upplandsmuseet’s facade is being brought to life through the light forces of projectors and site specific video design. Ingmar Bergman was a dreamer, a poetic storyteller with a fascination for subject matters most filmmakers would not dare to tackle. Instead of being driven to provide entertainment for his audience, although he did this too, he frequently wanted to challenge their views on matters such as death, religion and love. He often made his film characters fight the same demons he struggled with on a personal basis.

When immersing myself into the world of Ingmar Bergmans films I found some recurring themes which became the basis of this mapping project. The installation is an audiovisual collage where chosen characters from a selection of his films have a conversation with each other, monologues drive the visual story and us viewers get an insight into the mind of the complex genius that was Ingmar Bergman. The audience will recognise sections from films such as Persona, The Silence and Fanny and Alexander in the reworked video collage. The architecture and facade of Upplandsmuseet has given inspiration and is acting as projection surface for this audiovisual piece.


Artist: Anna Boberg


About Anna

Anna Boberg is a Swedish artist and designer specializing in digital moving images. Her work has a broad appeal and has been shown in traditional art spaces and beyond including commissions to create large scale visuals for live performances by some of the biggest names in Rock and Pop.

Anna studied design in London and started her career performing as a live VJ (video jockey) in nightclubs. It wasn’t long before she was presenting her work at music festivals and live events all over Europe. Her canvas has expanded over the past two decades and she has created tour visuals for artists such as Roxy Music, James Blunt, Fleetwood Mac and Björk. She has also made video work for contemporary dance stages and performed alongside symphony orchestras.


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