In The Dark

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Where: Stora Torget, see map


A leitmotif that runs through both the audio and visual creations of Anna-Karin Brus is their collage-based nature. This is exemplified by her many works on the vanitas theme, in which she focuses not only on the transience of life but also on the magical, mystical and fantastic aspects of being alive. This interest comes from her biology studies and the many hours of watching nature films on television. The Vanitas series creates new pictures by combining different photographs of real flowers or animals. At first glance, the resulting images look pretty much real, but a closer look reveals an unknown world. The series consists of different collage works that include paintings, photographs and animation. By using the credibility of photography, these works create a sense of confusion. What is real and what is artificial? The theme of the 2018 Uppsala Light Festival is childhood of Ingmar Bergman, and Anna-Karin Brus chose to focus on Ingmar Bergman’s “demons”, which he struggled with from an early age. In a series of time-lapse animation, she worked with children to depict these. As part of the cultural school break programme, she will also be conducting a workshop, so the longer the Light Festival continues, the more monsters can be expected to show up. Perhaps by finding words or shapes to express your demons, they may become easier to handle?


Artist: Anna-Karin Brus


About Anna-Karin

Anna-Karin Brus came to Uppsala to study at Uppsala University. But after earning a Master’s degree in Biology, she switched fields and attended art schools instead. In the early 2000s, she and four of her friends started the Haka art group to work together to curate exhibitions, and since 2014, they manage the Köttinspektionen cultural platform. Anna-Karin Brus has had exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, including the Natura Dentata exhibition at the Stockholm House of Culture and City Theatre in 2017, which included works from the Vanitas series. She has participated in film festivals in Taipei, Moscow and Stockholm. Her works have been purchased by the Swedish Public Art Agency and placed in the Thiel Palace in Stockholm, as well as in the collections of the Uppsala and Västerås Art Museums. Her work, Linnaeus’s Mouse, which is the smallest bronze sculpture on display in Uppsala, was created in 2007 to mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of Linnaeus, and can be found on Isle of Bliss in the Uppsala City Garden.


On the side of her artistic career, Anna-Karin Brus is a professional musician, having released four albums with the Differnet band, and having performed at the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet), the Arvika Festival, Norberg Festival, Storsjöyran, Volt Festival, Debaser rock clubs and elsewhere. Differnet has garnered the praise of a select but international group of music critics and has been reviewed in Swedish newspapers as well as on international websites, such as Pitchfork, Residen Advisor and De:bug. In recent years, she has been combining images and sounds in audio-visual performances as part of the Brus/Bodén duo, as well as in solo projects, such as “me, myself and I”, an audio-visual self-portrait, performed at the Uppsala Konsert & Kongress Centre in 2015 and “Fake Horses” at the Fylkingen New Music and Intermedia Art Centre in 2017.