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Where: Celsiushuset (Celsius’s house), see map


Anders Celsius, who was born in 1701, was one of Uppsala’s most famous scientists. He is most well-known for the 100-degree Celsius or Centigrade scale. Science often consists of knowledge discovered as a result of curiosity, and curiosity is important quality of scientists of all genders. What happens if I do this? And why? Now it’s your turn to try.

The Necking Bench is an interactive work of light art that measures the resistance between two conducting handles. You will be able to affect the resistance and the light it produces. If you and another person each hold a handle, as well as each other’s hand, the resistance decreases. The less resistance between the handles, the stronger the light produced. In other words, the hotter things get on the necking bench, the stronger the light becomes. Discover when the light is stronger or weaker?

Please note that only the resistance between the both of you is measured. The current will not go through you. In other words, you will not get any electric shock by touching this work of light art.

Lighting design: Utskottet