Gradual Exposure (For Slottsbacken), 2018

Ljus nummer


Where: Slottsbacken, see map


Gradual Exposure (For Slottsbacken) gradually exposes its environment, while altering perspectives of its perceivers. It seeks to explore fundamental experiences related to light such as temporal and spatial orientation. The simple set-up encourages playful encounters, staging a situation in which boundaries between audience, environment and work are challenged, in which everything acts on equal grounds. Gradual Exposure evokes the world of the child Ingmar Bergman via implicit references to film and theatre through exposure and staging by light. It maybe understood as a constantly changing image.
The work consists of seven light masts forming a circle with a diameter of ten meters. Each mast holds two lamps, one directed inwards and one outwards. The work is placed on a dark plateau in Slottsbacken defined by surrounding trees and a path.
Gradual Exposure (For Slottsbacken) is in continual transformation, slowly pulsating, gradually exposing the inner circle and its outer surroundings. Experiencing the work is significantly different depending on ones position and distance in relation to it, if one is on its inside or outside. The inner experience is characterized by disorientation and blindness, the outer experience by orientation and seeing. Moving from outside to inside the audience experiences a clear shift in perspective and orientation. In the blinding light one is optically enclosed within a bright circle of grass surrounded by darkness. Spending time within the circle this experience gradually shifts, as ones eyes adapt to the changing light conditions one shifts from seeing to being seen.


Artist: Jakob Oredsson

Photo: Kim Matthäi Leland / Reflektor Light Festival 2017

Video: Tobias Brock Korsgaard / Reflektor Light Festival 2017


About Jakob

Jakob Oredsson is an artist, architect and scenographer working within the intersection of these fields. He strives to generate situations which encourage curious, open-ended encounters between work and context, perceiver and perceived, while renegotiating these definitions. Through the situations it generates the work insistently challenges binary understandings of space-time, subject-object and art-context. The work encourages dialogue regarding notions of time, memory and representation.


Oredssons work is diverse and presented through a variety of mediums. It includes light and sound works, drawings and sculptural objects, as well as public art works. In recent years his primary practice has been the creation of temporary public art works, often with light as medium. These works are often interventions of a temporary character, inclusive and accessible works which simultaneously exposes existing qualities and generates new conditions. In January 2018 his first permanent public art work opened, Double Focus, in Aarhus, Denmark.