Ljus nummer


Where: Slottskällan, see map


Who does not need to be charged with energy and inspiration in the darkness of November? At Slottskällan, you are welcomed to an atmospheric “pop-up” with lights and colours. Formation of meditation draws attention to the historic garden and building at Slottskällan, one of Uppsala’s first water fountains. Stop and enjoy just being, and being present. Dream away to another time, and another place. Sunbathe in a colour spectrum of light, form and atmosphere.

Who knows when the silence occurs
in an instant,
that in itself holds all time

How do we compare experiences
to the concrete things

The dead are a part of the present
everything and nothing, or everything
or nothing, no-thing

Lighting design: Erik Olsson and Evelina Dembacke
Poem: Jöran Linder

Light host: