Allt ljus på Uppsala




On 1 November 2018, the sixth Uppsala Light Festival will be lit.

This year, the extremely popular event will comprise a number of light installations that together will light up the city centre during one of the darkest months of the year. The subject this year is Ingmar Bergman, with links to the 100th anniversary of the famous director’s birth in Uppsala on 14 July 1918. Bergman’s anniversary will be celebrated worldwide and all year long, and Uppsala municipality has chosen to highlight the famous director’s childhood this autumn, focusing on his fantasies and dreams.


We have decided to focus on Ingmar Bergman as a child, as he curiously and wide-eyed experienced film for the very first time – about what happens to a child when it experiences something completely unexpected for the first time, what lasting impact this has. The keywords for the project are therefore curiosity, innovation and fantasies. These will all be presented in a wide variety of ways, some with a clear link to Bergman and others more subtly. Bergman was known to say that it wasn’t in the dark that his demons emerged, but in the light of day. I want to titillate our playfulness, the dreams we have and the fantasies we never experience. It is my hope that the eleven artists involved in the project will help us see our wonderful city in a whole new light, allowing the viewer to understand that their city space can in fact be perceived in many more ways than the obvious.

Patric Kiraly, artistic director for Uppsala Light Festival 2018







Uppsala Light Festival, a part of the celebration of Ingmar Bergman 100 years   

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